TOP 10 Best Travel Backpacks

No trip is complete without a high-quality and roomy tourist backpack. This is the most important piece of equipment, thanks to which you can assemble a really useful set of items that can help out in any situation, and carry it without fatigue and back problems. Travel backpacks include more than just classic hiking or expedition backpacks. Today, this concept can include cycling options, and backpacks for freeriding, and even tactical roomy models.

Only a high-quality model for tourism is capable of providing maximum comfort and at the same time not falling apart after the very first difficult hike. We have selected the best models of travel backpacks for all occasions and collected them in a compact rating. When choosing, we focused on the characteristics of the backpacks, their capacity and convenience, as well as reviews of real users.

#1 NOVA TOUR Velo 12

Stylish cycling backpack designed to carry the essentials. Its volume is only 12 liters, so it’s worth considering whether this volume is enough for you. Almost weightless – its weight is only 700 grams. The waist belt is wide, comfortable, together with the chest strap, it ensures a snug fit of the backpack to the cyclist’s body. The belt has two pockets for your phone or keys. There are many different pockets in the main compartment, which will allow you to conveniently organize the space so that nothing dangles. On the back there is a secret compartment where you can hide documents.

It features very good ventilation of the back and shoulder straps, which makes it indispensable for cycling. You can forget about such a problem as a thoroughly sweaty back after a trip. There is an outlet for a drinking system, so the model is good for long rides, when there is no time to even stop and drink. Conveniently, if necessary, dismounting onto the backpack can be secured with a bicycle helmet, and it will not interfere at all. In reviews, buyers claim that a surprisingly large number of things fit into the backpack, although its volume is small. They also note that the model turned out to be of high quality and durable, even taking into account the frankly low price.

#2 DAKINE Heli 12

A frankly small 12-liter freeride backpack. Made so that the skier or snowboarder does not need anything during the race. The form factor is designed specifically for this sport – this is a model with special mounts for carrying skis on the sides and for a snowboard in the front. On the backpack itself there is where to hang an ice ax or a shovel. However, the pockets are frankly lacking: there is only the main compartment and a small pocket for glasses (which is very convenient for skiers). A rescue whistle is attached to the chest strap.

Despite its small size, the model has an anatomical back and a waist belt, which makes the equipped backpack almost weightless. Chest straps secure it firmly to the skier’s back, as if it were sewn to a jacket. The backpack has a lot of colors, so you can choose the one that matches the color of the equipment. This model does not have avalanche protection, so do not expect it to help you in any way in the event of a disaster like this. But there is a hydro case that will save you if you suddenly get caught in the rain or roll in the snow.

#3 Aquatic РС-18

This is a multisport backpack whose main purpose is to provide a convenient location for small equipment while traveling. They use it in various sports or short hikes without a lot of equipment. Aquatic RS-18 copes with its task 100%. Its volume is 18 liters. However, it does not have an upper valve. However, the roomy side pockets and the convenient inner compartment make it suitable for storing a bunch of small and not-so-large items.

The back of the model is anatomical, moderately rigid – ideal so as not to “hammer” the wearer’s back. I am glad that the backpack has very good ventilation, so you can forget about sweat stains under it. The model is equipped with high quality reflectors. Therefore, the traveler or sportsman will be visible from afar, even in the dark. There is also a small zippered pocket on the front wall where you can hide, for example, a map or a navigator. The waist belt has a mini-compartment for a smartphone, keys and other small items. Naturally, it is worth making a discount on the price: for your money, the model can be called almost perfect.

#4 Canyon Equipment 110

Another backpack of domestic production, created specifically for long expeditions. Holds 110 liters. It has a comfortable anatomical back, which partially relieves the load from the spine, coupled with a wide and comfortable waist belt, as well as a chest strap. Despite the frightening size, the backpack itself weighs a little for an expedition – only 2.2 kilograms. Canyon 110 is considered one of the best quality and most comfortable backpacks for the expedition. It fits everything you need. And what does not fit can be hung on the side ties or shoved into the pocket of the top valve.

The backpack can be accessed from both the top and bottom. The compartment is partitioned off from the inside, which makes it easier to place and sort things. However, there are not enough external pockets and nets where one could fix something voluminous. There is a special mount for the ice ax, so you don’t have to think about where to hang it. The only problem with this model is not the most convenient top valve. Yes, it is regulated, yes, it has a pocket. But it does not come unfastened and does not hold its shape. In the reviews, users en masse praise its durability and quality: someone has been actively traveling with the model for more than 15 years, and during this time they have never repaired it.

#5 Tramp Orlan 110

A large and convenient expeditionary backpack for long journeys from a domestic manufacturer. Able to withstand heavy loads. The volume of this travel backpack is 110 liters. It successfully distributes weight over the body of the wearer, which makes it comfortable for carrying heavy loads. Unlike other models in the rating, this backpack received an easel frame. With it, the weight will be distributed more optimally, which makes it easier to carry loads. The top flap is not removable, but it is height adjustable and has a large and convenient pocket. In addition, there is also a front pocket where you can easily tuck anything you need.

Conveniently, the backpack has a waterproof bottom. Therefore, it can be safely placed on grass and damp ground: moisture will not get on a single thing. There is also a chest strap and a hip belt, which make the backpack even easier to use. The side ties are quite long, so you can shove something useful behind them. In the reviews, buyers actively praise this model, claiming that it is made very reliable and durable. Many people have been using Orlan for many years, and it has never let them down.

#6 NORFIN Tactic 65

The only tactical backpack in our ranking. Formally, such models are not intended for tourism, but this one has earned a place in our ranking of the best. The volume of the model is 65 liters, so it is suitable for not too long trips and active sports. The backpack is assembled on a lightweight but reliable aluminum frame. At the same time, the anatomical backrest provides sufficient wearing comfort. The wide waist belt along with the chest strap is also responsible for weight distribution. In the reviews, users note: the backpack is strong, well-sewn, but sometimes requires improvement.

Huge side pockets attract attention: they can fit a lot of different medium-sized items. There is a spacious front pocket. The valve is adjustable and has a rather large pocket. The set includes a rain cover, but even without it, the lining of the backpack does not let excess moisture inside. The main compartment contains a partition. You can get into the backpack from below. The backpack weighs only 2 kilograms, which is frankly small for a model with an aluminum frame and such a spaciousness.

#7 Tatonka Cima Di Basso 35

Small but remote assault backpack with a volume of 35 liters. Made in such a way that it is almost impossible for them to catch on to anything. It almost adheres to the back, which makes it as comfortable as possible in the harsh conditions of hiking or climbing. The backpack has practically no pockets – only in the top flap, which cannot be removed or adjusted. But on the other hand, there are a large number of loops on which you can hang the necessary equipment. There is even a key holder. Additionally, there is a mount for an ice ax. Conveniently, the manufacturers took care of safety and added a special safety rope retainer.

The backpack is very light, weighing only 810 grams. The hip belt can be removed if not needed on a specific hike. The downside is that the back and shoulder straps are not ventilated at all, but this is not necessary. The interior space is not divided at all: there are no partitions or pockets. However, with such a small volume, you can do without them. There are five backpack colors on sale, so even fashionistas can choose the right one.

#8 Tramp Light 60

A good hiking backpack made by a domestic manufacturer. Its name justifies itself – it is a lightweight model that can hold up to 60 liters. This model does not have a frame, but a comfortable anatomically shaped backrest allows you to carry things with comfort. The fact that the creators have thought of back ventilation is encouraging. Now she won’t sweat as much. A rain cover is supplied with the backpack, which will allow you to protect things even in a heavy downpour. The valve is adjustable but not removable. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, although buyers complain about the unreliability of the rope tightening the valve.

There are side, upper and chest straps, as well as a comfortable and padded waist belt. The abundance of entrances to the cavity of the backpack is striking: you can get into it from below, from above, from the side. There is a partition inside, which allows for more thoughtful use of the space of the backpack. There are spacious pockets in the flap and on the sides of the model. Alas, you can only shove something dimensional under the screeds from the side. The tops are not too big, so there won’t be enough of them for a touring mat. There are no special ropes in place of the front pocket, although if you want to, you can pull them.

#9 Deuter Futura 28

A trekking backpack designed for short hikes. It has a capacity of 28 liters, so you shouldn’t expect to stuff a tent or food in it for a week. This is one of the most comfortable backpacks in our rating: anatomical shoulder straps and a back with ventilation, light weight (only 1.3 kilograms), the presence of a chest strap and a waist belt greatly facilitate wearing an already small model. In the reviews, the carriers praise the usability very much. Although they note that because of the curved back, you will have to forget about carrying something flat and large: for example, documents or a laptop.

The top flap is adjustable, but there is no pocket in it, which is not very convenient. The compartments are partitioned off inside, there is a lower entrance. There are side pockets and ties (when attaching something to the latter, the pockets become inaccessible). Despite its purpose for trekking, the model received a drinking system output, which greatly facilitates access to water during the hike, and an ice ax mount. The set includes a special anti-rain cover, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of things.

#10 Osprey Xenith 105

Quite an expensive backpack for long hikes. It holds 105 liters, but due to the anatomical design and comfortable straps on the chest and waist, it makes correctly distributed things seem less heavy. In addition to standard access, the backpack can also be accessed from the bottom and from the side, but with a large amount of things, this may not be very convenient. There are side ties, but they are not very long. You may have to build them up if you need to carry something oversized. There are also zip ties closer to the bottom of the backpack, and if you wish, you can also put something behind them. In the presence of a mount for an ice ax.

Pleased with the abundance of pockets: they are in the top flap, on the sides and in the front. Therefore, all the necessary things can be decomposed so that they will always be accessible without digging up all the contents in the backpack. The model allows you to withdraw the drinking system, which will greatly facilitate the hike and eliminate the need to periodically slow down for the sake of “drinking”. Sold in several sizes. Therefore, before buying, you should definitely try on whether the straps and ties will be comfortable enough, or you need to find a better option. On account of this model, buyers have a unanimous opinion: 100% recommend a travel backpack for purchase, even despite minor flaws.

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