JMK-DT04 Series

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  • Maximum thrust 120KG
  • Aluminum alloy tubes, reinforced bottom cover
  • Maximum speed reaches 100mm/s when the load is 5KG
  • Complete metal gear driving, designed for operation for 30,000 times
  • Inbuilt potential meter optional
  • Meet IP65 standard, suitable for outdoor application
  • Compatible with 48V/36V/24V /12V electric motor
  • Overload protection
  • Maintenance-free


Typical applications

  • Machinery and equipment for forestry, construction, mining and road construction
  • Golf cart, garden car, tractor, etc.
  • Cab door, lifting platform, etc.
  • Theme park, satellite receiver, light tracing system of solar panel, etc.
  • Ships, ocean drill platform, etc.
  • Special vehicle for health sanitation, garbage compression device, etc.


Actuator customization is available for meeting your actual demand. You can tell us whatever technical requirements needed. Our engineers will customize the most suitable actuator for you. Most of JIMI branded actuators are ready to be customized. We have abundant experience in customizing special actuators, and willing to fulfill your special customization requirements.

Potential meter feedback

The potential meter provides a analog output signal for confirming the location of extension tube. It will record the location when power off.

Technical parameters

Driven unit trapezoid screw rod
Power supply 24VDC/12VDC
Rated Load 1200N/50N
Standard speed 4.5mm/s~100mm/s
Maximum current 1.5A(full load 24V)/3A(full load 12V)
Minimum installation Stroke S+105mm
Environmental temperature -25℃~65℃
Using frequency 25%(within 10 minutes)
Protection level IP65

Parameters for model selection

Standard installation size

Stroke: 30~300mm L=S+105mm
Stroke: 300~500mm L=S+120mm
Stroke: 500~600mm L=S+130mm
Installing hole angle in the drawing is 90° (standard).

JIMI Electric Actuator

Installation size of product with potential meter:
Stroke: 30~300mm L=S+135mm
Stroke: 300~500mm L=S+150mm
Stroke: 500~600mm L=S+160mm
Installing hole angle in the drawing is 90° (standard).

How to select model?


a. Non-standard installation size b. Whether contains potential meter or other sensor
b. Whether contains non-standard connector d. Holes at two ends are of
non-standard size
e. Whether rotation installation and angle needed
f. If any above situation or other problem be found, please consult with our technical staff


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