Jimi-tech invented actuator technology over 10 years ago and has continued to lead the industry ever since. The Jimi-tech brand is recognized and trusted as the China leader in mechanical motion technology.

Since 2008 when Jimi-tech was founded in shenzhen, our product range has grown significantly. Our family of linear and mechanical motion products also includes linear actuator, servo linear actuator, planetary gear reducer, valve and fluctuation table – all now part of Jimi-tech.

Did you know?

Jimi-tech invented actuator technology. We own the broadest standard product offering of mechanical motion control technologies in the industry.

Modified versions of standard product are routine. White sheet design solutions are available across our entire product portfolio.

Choose Jimi-tech and gain access to over 10 years of global application experience in diverse industries including packaging, factory automation, material handling, medical, clean energy, printing, automotive, machine tool, aerospace and defense.

As part of Fortive Corporation, Jimi-tech has the unique ability to provide complete system solutions through our control, drive, motor, power transmission and precision linear motion technologies.

Jimi-tech is the name you can trust for high quality, innovation, on-time delivery, controlled costs and reduced risk.

With a world-wide service and support infrastructure, our field service engineers and support teams are available to assist whenever they are needed. This web site also contains a wealth of resources including downloadable 3D modelsdesign toolsproduct specifications, and more.

Talk to us early in the design process to see how Jimi-tech can help identify the optimal balance of performance, life, and cost for your next application. And, call us or any of our 200+ distribution partners around the world for fast delivery of replacement parts.

Company history:

2008-    Company was founded by returned oversea Chinese with 2 million RMB. Major business was linear actuator trade in China

2010-    First factory was founded in Suzou city with other company cooperation. Customers were developing to 200+.

2012-    New product categories were introduced: adjustable electric desk and solar guiding system.

2013-    Wuhan, Beijing, Xian city offices were founded. Vietnam office was founded.

2015-    Shenzhen product developing center was founded and take more cooperation with Universities.

2016-    Developing Center was successful to develop out integrated center control system worktable for ZGH company. Introduced planetary gear reducer and valve categories products

2017-    Group Company focused back on linear actuator products and prepared for new factory.

2018-    New factory with automatic production lines was founded in Dongguan city.